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New York State’s dental schools are getting rid of more teeth and replacing them with implants

New York’s dentists say the state’s dental school system is “shifting” away from dental crowns and braces.

The New York Board of Dentistry announced this week that it will replace all of the teeth in the dental school with implants, a trend that is expected to increase the number of dental crown replacements.

The change was made after the board received a complaint from a dentist who was not getting enough crowns, said the board’s chair, David G. Sirota.

“Our board is shifting away from the crown,” he said.

“It is not replacing the teeth.”

The board’s move to replace all teeth with implants comes as state officials have been cracking down on the practice.

In November, the state eliminated the ability for dentists to have dental assistants on the floor of the state dental office, where the crowns are located.

The state also banned dentists from working in public places, including schools, parks and in the emergency room.

The new regulations are part of the dental system’s effort to eliminate crowns altogether.

In May, the New York Legislature approved a bill that would make dentists ineligible for reimbursement for crowns.

Dentists who were able to receive crowns for dental work will have to pay $5,000 per year for the implant.

The dental board’s new rule will not take effect until 2021.

The dentists who do not want to have implants are being offered the option of reimbursing them, or having the dentists give up their positions.

The board said it is also working to ensure that crowns can be removed when needed.

“The dentists have an obligation to perform in a professional manner and not to use unnecessary procedures that might interfere with that professional conduct,” the board said.

 [image via New York Dental Association]