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How to avoid a dental procedure that could lead to infection in children

A family of three in the U.K. have had a series of dental procedures in which they received the injection of a vaccine to protect their children against a deadly disease that can cause permanent brain damage.

The procedure in question was done in the UK’s South West.

According to ABC News, the childrens dentist said it was the most challenging procedure he had ever done.

“I’ve done about 200 procedures with children and they’re very, very tough,” said Dr. Mark McDougall, a dentist who performed the procedure.

The childs dentist used a syringe to inject a vaccine into a childs skull, while a family member was in the next room.

The vaccine has a much higher concentration than a shot that normally would be administered in an adult.

McDougall said the vaccine was administered by a nurse.

“The nurse was really, really good,” McDougalls mother said.

“She did a very thorough job and really, she did a wonderful job.”

The doctor also said the nurse did a good job of administering the vaccine in a controlled setting, rather than in the same room as the patient.

ABC News reported that the mother of the three children has been in the hospital for several days after contracting the disease.

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