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‘It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen’: Danville dentist gets a second chance

The Danville, Virginia, dentist who gave birth to her first child in a clinic filled with the city’s homeless and underfunded has received a second opportunity to save the community.

The baby girl, whose birth was captured on video, has now been adopted and raised by the same mother, a mother who is now pregnant with a second child, the Daily News reports.

Dr. Roberta Whelan has been in the hospital for about six months recovering from a heart attack.

The family was reunited at her home last month and the mother told the news outlet that her husband, who is also a pediatrician, is helping with the adoption and raising the baby girl.

“It’s like the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen,” Dr. Whelans mother, Karen Whelanz told the News.

“She’s very beautiful.”