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Gardasil vaccine causes seizures in children

Gardasils have been linked to a surge in the number of cases of rare but fatal encephalitis and seizures in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said.

The agency said there was evidence Gardasillax, a type of vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur, caused more than 200 new cases of encephalopathy, which is a type that can be fatal.

In addition to encephalopathic seizures, the agency said a child was admitted to a hospital with severe head and neck pain and a coma.

It said a third child had seizures associated with severe inflammation of the brain.

The latest cases were reported in California and the US Virgin Islands, the CDC said in a statement.

It did not provide further details.

Gardasil has been used by more than 100 million people worldwide.

A similar vaccine was developed in the UK and has been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration since 2015.

It was approved by the UK government in March 2018.

It is approved in Europe and Australia.

The US vaccine is not licensed for use in the US, but it is being developed in other countries.