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When is a dental implant not a dental appliance?

The term dental appliance can have many meanings.

Here are just a few: a dental drill a toothbrush a toothpaste dispenser a toothbrushes toothpaste applicator a dental pump dental floss a dental toothbrush attachment or attachment system a tooth paste dispenser (also known as dental extractor) a tooth extractor (also called dental extracta) a dental paste dispensing system (also referred to as dental extraction system) a dentist assistant A dentist’s office dentist may also be a dental technician or a dentist’s assistant.

A dentist is a dentist, or a professional who performs a variety of other tasks.

A dental assistant is a professional dental technician who assists a patient in filling a cavity or providing dental care.

A dentist is a specialist who provides dental care in a facility such as a hospital or nursing home.

A nurse is a medical technician who helps a patient receive care and who may also provide dental care for a patient.

A physician is a doctor who specializes in health care.