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Glenwood dental clinic opens in Belleville

Belleville is set to have a new dental clinic with a goal to expand the number of patients it sees, a new report from Belleville’s health department says.

The dental clinic, which is being developed as part of a collaboration with the Belleville Health Care System, is expected to open in June 2018 and serve up to 250 people, the report says.

The Belleville Clinic for Children and Family Dentistry will be operated by Dr. Steven A. Smith, who will be responsible for the clinic’s primary care staff and for its community programs, the department said.

The report also said Belleville will be home to the Bellevue-based dental clinic of the same name that will operate the pediatric dentists’ offices and community programs.

The program has been a success for the Bellevues, according to the report, which said the Bellevilles-based clinics, located in Bellevue, Bellevue Park and Bellevue Square, have a total of more than 50 residents.

The clinics are operated by the dental and orthodontic departments.

The clinic will be staffed by dentists from Bellevue and from neighboring counties, the health department said in a news release.

It will also serve as a primary care clinic for the residents of Bellevue Heights, and the clinics will also offer preventive services, it said.

As a community service, the clinic will also provide training to residents and community members on the basics of dental care and on preventive measures.

The Belleville clinic, the latest addition to the city’s growing network of community clinics, is one of two dental clinics in the city, along with the St. Charles County clinic in West St. Louis and the Bellevued Sioux Sioux Regional Clinic in Sioux Falls, according the health departments office.

Both clinics are expected to offer preventive dental services, including vaccinations, dental flossing and cleaning, and a variety of dental equipment, the release said.