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How to treat your dental pain

I got the call on Friday from my dentist who said my jaw was “stuck in an abnormal position”. 

I was shocked and a little scared. 

My jaw was in such a bad place and I couldn’t move my jaw.

I had been taking pain killers for the past two weeks but I wasn’t feeling them. 

Then the nurse came and said, “There’s something going on with your jaw, there’s something that’s wrong with it. 

Your jaw is stuck”. 

So I went to my office and started taking some painkillers. 

I got on the phone to my dentist and she said, “My doctor told me to call you”. 

And I said,  “Oh, thank you, this is so good”. 

She said, and I thought, oh my God. She says, ‘What’s wrong?

You’re having pain in your jaw’. 

I’m thinking, Oh my God, it’s going to be a very painful experience’. 

She explained that there was a lump in the middle of my jaw and I was suffering from a jaw fracture. 

When she got home, I was crying, I couldn`t talk, I had a big bruise on my right cheek. 

It took me a few hours to recover and I went back to work. 

The next day, I called my insurance company and said that I needed dental work, and they were on my case. 

They said I could get a $150,000 claim. 

There`s a lot of pressure in the dentistry business these days and it`s very stressful to get a claim and then get rejected. 

At first I thought that they`re just not interested, they`re not going to give me a claim.

But then, they said, I need to get you in to the office and see your dentist. 

 So, I went into my office, sat in my chair and started looking at my jaw for a while, trying to figure out what it was. 

That`s when I noticed the lump in my jaw had a large crack on it.

I thought to myself, what is going on? 

My jaws have been working perfectly for the last four months. 

In fact, they`ve been working so well that I don`t even think of going to work at all. 

But when my insurance agent called and said I needed to see my dentist, I had to get out of the office. 

As soon as I went in, I saw a dentist who was very good at doing things right, and he told me that there had been some problems in my teeth. 

He said, ‘It`s really a serious problem, it`s just not showing up’. 

 He told me, `Your jaw will need a series of teeth pulled out, and you have to do that for the rest of your life’. 

So that`s what happened. 

A week later, I came home from work and my jaw looked exactly like it had when I had my jaw surgery. 

And then I had to go to the hospital to have my jaw removed. 

So they removed a large section of my dentition and put in another, and then I went back in and my dentist did another surgery, which took another week. 

Once the dentist was done, he told me ‘You have to go through an open-heart procedure’. 

This meant that he had to take two big stitches in my mouth, and after that, my jaw was out. 

After a few months of recovery, it was discovered that the hole in my dentum was so big that it could only be filled with a small piece of steel, which had to be removed.

 I told my family, My life is over. 

‘  But I still got the $150k claim and now I`m going to lose my job. 

I can`t go back to school, no longer have dental insurance, you can`ve had your jaw fixed and your teeth may have come out, but the dentists are not going back in. 

What happens if I lose my dental insurance? 

I could be at a loss for food, rent, gas, and any other kind of money. 

How can I get dental insurance again? 

The problem with dental insurance is that the only insurance they have is in the form of your income. 

If you lose your insurance, you cannot have dental care. 


It`ll be your debts, and it`ll probably cost you more money to get dental care, so they`ll pay more than the insurance company. 

Dentists are paid based on the amount of teeth they`d have. 

Some of the dentist`s insurance