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‘Gossip Girl’ star Lizzy Caplan says her mom’s ‘crazy’ tweet about her is ‘bizarre’

LIZZY CAPLAN’S mother was “crazy” for tweeting about her daughter Lizzy’s jaw surgery, but she is proud of her daughter’s decision to take her own life.

“I think I’m a weird mom, but I’m not,” Caplan, who is starring in Fox’s hit “Gossip Girls” comedy series, told ABC News’ “This Week” program on Sunday.

“She’s such a good person.

She’s very intelligent, and she knows how to make sure her kids are treated right.

She took her own lives.

I’m proud of that.

And that’s just how she is.”

Caplan’s mother, who has since died, said the tweet was “bizarre” and “inappropriate.”

“I was shocked.

I was so shocked.

It was just so out of character for her.

It’s very strange.

It didn’t feel right.

I think she was just being crazy,” she said.

Caplan, 32, said her mom had recently been diagnosed with depression and had begun to struggle.

She also said her mother had been having “life-changing” surgery at her family practice and was “living in fear.”

“When I think about that, that makes me feel really good.

She didn’t take her life in vain, so that makes her feel so good,” she added.

Fox said Caplan’s death was a “tragic and unexpected” event.

“Lizzy was the most remarkable young woman who I have ever known.

Her life will be forever changed by this tragedy, and we are deeply saddened to learn of her passing,” Fox said in a statement.ABC News’ Adam Brown contributed to this report.