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How a new dentistry is opening its doors to the middle class

Highland Family Dental & Osteopathic is opening a new office in Manchester.

The family dentists practice in the area, but opened its first clinic in October.

The clinic has been in operation for nearly 20 years and is run by a former executive of a leading dental health care organisation, who has also managed the dental practice in Manchester, and is a friend of the family.

Dr Sarah Robinson says it’s the first dentistry to be open to the public, and the opening was very exciting for her.

“The office is actually just two small rooms with an entrance to the office.

I’ve been here for 15 years and it’s a real pleasure to have opened this new office for the community,” she said.”

It’s a really wonderful and unique environment, with wonderful people.”

There are quite a few staff here, and there’s a lovely community atmosphere here.

“We also have a small staff of a young family of three, who I’m very happy to see here, who are keen to open up and make this clinic a success.”

Aged care specialist and nurse-led specialist, Dr Sarah Robinson has been a specialist in dentistry for more than 30 years.

“I’ve worked with some of the most senior practitioners in the UK in their aged care, and have seen some really innovative approaches to treating some of these conditions.”

That’s one of the things that is really exciting about the family practice, and also the new office, is that we are opening it up to the community.

“This is a really great opportunity for people to get in touch with us and talk about their needs.”

The clinic also welcomes visitors from the community, including children, elderly and disabled people, and will open an outdoor cafe for those wanting to eat.

The opening is expected to be the first in the region for a new dental clinic, with Dr Robinson saying the family has had no problems with public safety.

“In fact, we’ve had very positive feedback from the public.

They are very excited about what they’ve seen in the clinic and are very positive about it, and they’re excited about the open, friendly atmosphere,” she told Mashable.

“The family has been quite successful in opening it to the wider community, and that has made us happy and very confident that we’re going to be successful.”

She said she was confident of success, with a good work force and staff that are all keen to be a part of the new venture.

“They’re very interested, because they’ve been so supportive of the whole process,” she added.

Dr Robinson said that while the staff would be trained as family dentist, she wanted them to focus on the care of patients.

“One of the big issues we have is a lot of people who have some kind of chronic disease, which can affect people’s quality of life, and if we don’t get that treatment in the community they’re not getting the best care, she said.”

“So for the family to be able to operate in a way that is focused on quality care, we need to be focused on the community and really think about how we’re able to provide that care.”

As a family practice we’re very much looking forward to it.