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Which dentists are best at the dental care they offer?

The dentist has always been your main carer, but that’s changing.

Key points:Dentists are getting better at delivering quality care to the public by using the latest technologyDentist in Queensland’s Central Park says people want to see the dentists that work in their communityDr Sarah Lee, from Brisbane Dentists Association, says people don’t have time to go looking for a local dentistThey’re looking for professionals who will do the job right and not rely on an out-of-date or poorly trained dentistDr Lee says the community needs to be aware of where they’re going to get the best dental care.

“We have people who want to go to a dentist and they don’t know where to go, they don�t know where they�re going to find a local practitioner, so we need to educate them on where to look,” she said.

“So we need people to be educated about where to find local dentists.”

Dr Lee is concerned that people in Brisbane will not get the dental treatment they want.

“The dentists in the city are the best in the world, they have the best experience in the country, they’re the best dentists out there in terms of the treatment that they provide and I think people just don�’t want to be the only person in Brisbane getting it,” she says.

“They want to know the care that they want, they want to get their dental treatment, and I feel like that�s a really important thing that we need.”

Dr Sarah said it was the dentistry industry in Queensland that had the most to lose.

“It�s the dentifrice industry in Brisbane that�ll have the biggest impact on people because we�re not able to do our job because of the dental industry in the state,” she told 7.30.

Dr Lee said she was aware of people not wanting to visit a local dental practice, but she said the industry was working hard to find more jobs for locals.

“There�s always been a lot of people who are wanting to get into dentistry and I know that there are a lot more dentists and dentifrices that are out there than there are local dentifrites,” she explained.

“When you look at the statistics, it�s really sad because when you look for the local dentist or the dentist that you�re looking for, you don�ts want to have to go into a whole new city and go and look for a dentist, it makes sense.”

Dr Kim Lippard from the Central Queensland Regional Association of Dental Surgeons said she felt like it was important to have dental professionals working in communities.

“I think that it�ll help a lot, but it�d be a good thing for the people who work in our communities and the communities as a whole,” she admitted.

“You have to have a dentist who is skilled and who is doing a good job, because they can make sure that the health and well-being of people in the community is better and we are all working together.”

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