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Dentists offer free tooth whitening treatments for kids

Dentists are offering free tooth cleaning and whitening services for kids under the age of 13 in the US.

According to DentistUSA, dental students at schools like the University of California-Davis, the University, the Johns Hopkins University, and the University at Albany are all eligible to use the service.

“As the largest provider of dental services in the nation, we are proud to be part of the growing dental education and care revolution,” said Dr. Robert L. McKeon, the director of dental education at the University.

“The dental profession has been able to leverage its unique relationship with the public to bring innovative, affordable services to underserved communities.”

Dentists will pay for the services with dental school tuition credits and have the option to pay up to $20 per visit.

They’ll be able to offer a variety of services including a full range of whitening products and creams, tooth paste and toothbrush, and mouthwash, dental hygiene products and supplies, and even a dental cleaning station.

“We are proud of the tremendous potential of the dental school,” said DentistPhilip Smith, president and CEO of DentistAmerica.

“This is a great example of how the dental industry is helping to empower underserved and underserved children.”

The dental industry has a long history of working with underserved populations, but the trend is gaining momentum in recent years, as it is now more common for children to go to private schools.

Dentists have become a popular part of a community’s community, as they help children get the dental treatment they need, even in places like Detroit and New York City.

A recent study found that about 20 percent of children in the United States attend private schools and that the majority of children who receive dental care at a dental school are under the same age.

The dentists have the ability to offer this type of care to children of all ages, and many schools are opening up to the public for free.

Dr. Joseph Wertheim, executive director of the American Dental Association, said in a statement that the organization is excited to offer these programs to help dentists provide dental care for students at the community-based level.

“Dental schools are critical to the community,” Wertheimer said.

“They offer dentistry education for students who need it and they provide care to our communities.

We are grateful for the efforts of the dentists who are willing to provide these services to students, and we look forward to their success.”

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