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I dont want to be a patient. I want to die

I dont feel like I am doing well in life, but the reality is that Ive never really felt better.

Thats what makes this article so important.

As much as I want my daughter to live in peace, the pain I feel in my body and the sadness I feel for my partner are too much to bear.

That is why Ive decided to start this petition.

I dont even know how Ive ever asked for this kind of support, but Im willing to do anything.

So, please help me, as this is the only way that I can find peace.

The petition will be updated with links to resources to support families that need it most, and a list of places that weve been in need of assistance.

Ive done this before and I cant say that I did a great job, but it did get us to the point where were here.

I think this petition is just as important now as it was when I started it.

Thank you to all the doctors who have been caring for me during this difficult time.

You have made this a more peaceful and productive time for me. Thank You.