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Why can’t you get a free dental care appointment?

An investigation by News24 has uncovered some shocking revelations about the dentistry industry and dentistry practices that can cost you your teeth.

We caught up with a few dentists in Melbourne to find out what their stories are and what it means for their business.

Here are some of the highlights:1.

The problem with the dental caries industryOne dentist has a dentist in Melbourne that has been doing dental work for almost 10 years.

“We don’t have a dental hygienist here,” she said.

“They only do basic cleaning and they don’t even have a suite to work from, so it’s just very frustrating.”2.

The dentistry of the futureIt’s no secret dentistry is being targeted by climate change and the threat of disease.

“People are going to want to see a dentist as soon as possible,” said Dr Sarah Coote.

“I can’t see myself doing that any more, as the risk is increasing.”3.

A lot of money spent on dentistry to fill a dentures needsOne dentist said dentistry can be costly.

“When you’re a kid you might not realise how much it costs to have your teeth checked,” she told News24.

“But as a professional, you can afford to pay the bills.”

If you’re older, you’re going to have to look at it and make sure it’s right.”4.

The cost of dentistry in MelbourneOne of the biggest problems with the dentists dentistry that is in Melbourne is it is not the same across the state.”

Our dental office has never been like this in our business,” Dr Sarah said.

Dr Sarah said the issue is not just dentistry being used for cosmetic purposes, but also for the extraction of teeth.”

There are many different types of extraction that can be done,” she explained.”

Some are done on the mouthpiece, some are done by a machine and some are performed on the jawbone.”5.

The costs of dentures for young peopleOne of Dr Sarah’s dental students has a problem.”

It’s like I want to say, you could say you could get a cheap, cheap denture, but it’s not going to make you any more or less likely to have cavities in your mouth,” she recalled.”

You would just end up paying more than you’d think.

“Dr Sarah has a solution.”

The best thing you can do for young kids is to be very careful with what they’re doing,” she advised.”

Don’t give them any kind of dental equipment or anything that would be going into your mouth, and don’t put any sort of toothpaste on your teeth.

“Dr Cootes advice is the same for dentists as it is for young adults.”

Dentures are not the best for a dental student to go through,” she pointed out.”

So the best thing that you can use is your own dental knowledge and your own judgement.”6.

What dental professionals can do to improve their practicesDentists say there are many things that dentists can do.”

As a dental assistant, I’ve seen it in myself and seen it with people who are working in my practice,” said one dentist.”

Take the time to learn what they are doing, understand what they need to do to do that.

“Find out the other options, see what works for them.”7.

The latest dental newsRead moreThis article originally appeared on News24 and is re-published here with permission.