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How to get the best dental care in Delhi

A top pediatric dentist in Delhi says his practice has seen its worst year in its history.

The chief executive officer of the city’s leading pediatric dental practice said the dentists have seen a 25 per cent drop in demand and an increase in cost. 

“We have seen patients come in for routine dental care only to be turned away because we do not have a space or a clinic, and the only dentists in the city are very old, elderly or disabled,” said Babu Sharma.

The dentists, who are mostly of Pakistani origin, are usually on call on weekends and are not required to perform urgent operations or treatments.

They are often busy cleaning and treating people who are sick.

The dentists are not allowed to prescribe the medicines they need.

The doctors do not get any pay.

The chief executive of the leading pediatric dentist said his practice had seen its biggest year in more than two decades.

“The dentistry is struggling because of the lack of funds and the increasing cost of care,” he said.

“We are getting calls from people saying they need our help, but they can’t afford to come here.”

The dentist is a family dentist, and said the dental services he provides are “the only one they have”.

The denticine has a total of about 50 dentists who perform about 3,000 operations a day, said Dr. Babu.

A number of the dentist’s practices have been closed for the past two years due to a lack of funding.

Dr Babu said the practice is struggling due to lack of finances, as well as the declining demand for dentistry services.

“Dentists have lost their jobs and the money they make is going towards other things, like food for the children, and other services like care of elderly people and their family members,” Dr Babu told NDTV.

Dr Sharma said the situation has become worse in recent months.

“I do not see a dentist coming into the city,” he added.

“And I have to keep going to other areas in Delhi and elsewhere, because I can’t provide the services they want.”

Dr Babur, who is also the head of the dental clinic, said the problem with dentistry was exacerbated by the high cost of medicines, which he said were becoming cheaper every year.

“The dent-care industry in Delhi is facing a very serious crisis.

We are the only one that can provide treatment to children, elderly people, disabled people, and pregnant women,” he told NDtv.

Dr Ram Sharma, another top pediatric dental practitioner, said his clinic has seen a 50 per cent decline in patients.

“When we saw that our dentistry had the lowest volume in our area, we immediately started getting calls,” he explained.

“Now, I can only see a few patients a week.”

Dr Ram said dentists were not allowed in the clinic to prescribe medicine.

He added that he had seen patients coming in to see him with serious infections, and they would not be able to afford treatment.

Dr Ram, who has two children aged between six months and 12 years, said he was not allowed by his dental clinic to administer medicines.

“This is because they are not able to fill the prescriptions,” he argued.

Dentistry is seen as the most prestigious of the three professions in the Indian health care system, with a long tradition of teaching dentistry to children in schools.

In India, dentistry has also been the target of a drive to improve the quality of care in public hospitals, with dentists being required to provide more dental care to patients in the private sector.