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Medical bills rise for children in hospital in Birmingham dentistry


— Medical bills for children treated in hospitals in Birmingham, which have been hit hard by the recession, have soared to more than $8,000 per month, the hospital’s president said Wednesday.

The number of children in the hospital increased by more than 100 percent last year, said Dr. Kevin Worsley, president of Children’s Dentistry in BIRMS.

This year the total costs are up to more like $10,000 to $12,000.

He said that’s not uncommon, and the increase reflects the fact that some kids are having a harder time adjusting.

We are seeing kids with special needs coming to us, and we are seeing children with developmental issues, but I think they’ve been through a rough patch, Worsleys said.

A majority of the kids in the Children’s Hospital are older than 8, Worleys said, and about 20 percent of the children in this hospital are under age 5.

There’s a huge demand for dental care.

It’s something that is needed in this city.

More than two-thirds of our dentists are not looking for a job.

I think this is one of the reasons why we are in such good shape.

Worsleys says the hospital is hiring, but he said the jobs are coming from other hospitals and that dentists should be prepared for the demand.

Our demand is very high, and I think we are going to have to continue to look for new opportunities.

Dr. David Krieger, the head of dentistry at the Childrens Hospital of Birmingham, said the hospital will be able to keep up with the demand as the economy improves and the state’s economic recovery takes hold.

“I think the overall population has improved, but in a certain way we have been struggling,” Kriegers said.

“We have been able to survive because of a strong economy, but the state of our economy and the health of the state have been affected by the economic downturn.”

Kriegers says there is also a shortage of dentists and dentists need to be trained in the state.

I think it’s important to have dentists in the area, so if we can get that training going, then that’s a good thing.