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Over 50% of patients who attend health clinics do not receive care

AUSTRALIA’S largest hospital says it is working to close a major dental clinic because of staffing shortages.

The Goulburn Health Sciences Centre in Goulbourne was closed in October, leaving more than 50% more patients at home without care.

Goulburn’s Health Sciences Director Peter Goulston said it was a tough pill to swallow for patients.

“We’re doing a lot of work with the health workforce to ensure we’re providing the best services possible and ensuring that patients have the best possible outcomes.”

So I think the closure is a very difficult pill for patients to swallow.

“The closure of the clinic is a huge blow for the region and will hit patients and their families hard.

Golumbia-based dental surgeon Michael Ritchie said he had never seen a clinic closing like this.”

It’s really hard to see the dentists and dental workers that are here and it’s really sad that this is happening,” he said.”

There’s only so much we can do to ensure that these dentists are getting the best dental care, and I think it’s been a real eye opener for people.

“Dr Ritchie’s colleague, dentist Dr Robert Gough, said the closure was not an issue he was used to dealing with.”

I’m very, very happy that we’ve got a dental clinic here, and that’s the best place to have a dental appointment,” he told 7.30.”

Hopefully the other dentists that work in the clinic will come back.

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