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How to keep your teeth clean

Dentists are using a new technique to treat plaque that can lead to tooth decay.

The dentists are taking advantage of the natural way in which the teeth are growing and developing and are developing their own special way of removing plaque from the teeth.

We’ve had dental assistants working in the past for years who’ve done their job, but this new technique has brought a new level of professionalism to the dental profession, said Dr Sharon Murphy, president of the Dental Association of Ireland.

This new technology has been developed by Dentists of Ireland, the association of dental surgeons, and the Mayo Clinic.

We’re looking at this as a unique opportunity to create a partnership to develop and test these new methods, said Ms Murphy.

In the past, it has been very challenging to find a dentist who was qualified to do this, so we’re very excited about the potential of this technology.

The Mayo Clinic has partnered with Dentists in Ireland to test this new treatment, which has already been used in the United States and Canada, to help remove plaque.

We are currently investigating the safety and effectiveness of this treatment, but we are working with Mayo Clinic to ensure that the dental treatment is safe and effective for both patients and their partners, said Sarah Murphy, a clinical professor of oral health at the Mayo School of Dentistry.

The new treatment is known as ‘minoxidil’.

The treatment is being developed by Mayo Clinic in collaboration with Dr Murphy’s group.

Minoxidils are a special form of salicylic acid that are used in dentistry to treat the plaque that accumulates in the teeth and prevents tooth decay, and which are also used to remove plaque from other areas of the body.

The research at Mayo Clinic is funded by the Mayo Foundation.