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Watson family dentist says the world needs to rethink its health care system

Watson family dental dentist David Watson has a message for everyone.

“The world is in a very different place,” he told CNBC on Thursday.

“We’re not going to get anywhere by pretending that everything is fine.”

The global health community has been on the back foot for a long time.

We need to rethink how we do everything,” he added.

The British dentist, who was awarded a BAFTA for his work, told CNBC that the health care industry is on a “time bomb.”

Watson said the United States and Canada should consider closing their health insurance exchanges and replacing them with a single national health plan.

The British dentist said the world should consider universal healthcare because the U.S. healthcare system is failing people.”

We are all part of a global economic crisis.””

People are losing their jobs, and that’s what I’m most concerned about.

We are all part of a global economic crisis.”

Watson is known for his controversial treatment of patients.

He has been arrested and charged with seven counts of assault and battery and one count of fraud in connection with a case involving two women.

He was released from jail in April, and he has not been charged with any crime.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on April 27.

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