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How to make dentures for kids from birth

What’s in a name?

Dental health in South Florida has become a major focus of a new documentary series called The Dentist’s Apprentice, which premiered at Sundance on Friday. 

It follows four dentists from the region who go door to door, giving children a better understanding of the care they receive and the importance of dental hygiene. 

Dentists and parents are also invited to share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned. 

The show is produced by the South Florida Dental Association (SDFDA) and the Children’s Dental Clinic at the University of South Florida. 

According to the show’s description, “We’re here to tell you about what you need to know about dental health, the importance and importance of oral health, and how to make dental care fun and easy for your kids.” 

The program will also feature local celebrities like comedian, actor and comedian Mike Judge, who also performs in South Africa. 

“There are so many stories to tell,” said Susan Blevins, executive director of the South Floridian Dental Society.

“Dentistry is such a fun profession and this is just the beginning of what is coming.” 

“The Dentist of the Year” was also produced by South Florida’s DFSDA. 

In this episode, Blevin and the DFSADS are joined by dentist and medical student Ben Zullo, who shares his insights into the dentistry industry. 

They also chat about the importance, safety and importance for kids of dental care, the state of dental health in the United States and the challenges facing dentists in South Korea. 

As a reward for participating in the documentary, the South Dental Foundation is giving the show $1 million to expand their outreach efforts. 

For more information about the series, visit www.thedentistapprentice.com.