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Southpoint dentists sue over racist tweets

A Southpoint dental clinic in Arizona is suing Reddit for discrimination after a video surfaced online showing an employee disparaging African-Americans.

The clinic, Southpoint Dentistry in Tempe, is one of several in the state that have faced backlash after a series of racist posts made by a Reddit user.

The videos were posted on April 12, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in state court in Tucson.

In the video, a white man named Samy (Samy) is seen telling a black patient who is having a dental appointment, “You ain’t got a clue what it’s like to be black.”

Samy says that she is a dentist and that she wants to provide a positive service for the community, but she is offended by the racist comment and asks that she be excused.

Samy tells the patient that “you’re not going to see me in the future.”

The woman replies that she doesn’t want her dentistry to be a place where racism is tolerated.

In a subsequent video posted by Samy, Samy says, “If you think you’re gonna be a dentist, you ain’t gonna be.”

Samys next video shows her saying, “Well, you’ll have to work at the hospital,” adding that the hospital is “where you belong.”

Samym says in a subsequent YouTube video that she has worked in dental clinics in other states.

“I think I’ve done everything that I can,” she says in the video.

“There’s not a lot I can’t do.

And I can get paid to do it.”

Southpoint says in its lawsuit that it does not know why the video was taken.

It said in a statement to The Hill that it will continue to fight to ensure its employees receive equal treatment.

“We are a welcoming, caring and diverse organization,” the statement read.

“We believe that diversity is an important component of our culture and we strive to promote that through hiring, training, and mentoring.”

The Arizona Civil Rights Commission declined to comment.