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Why Fox Family Dental in Fairfax County, Virginia is facing financial problems

By NBC News Staff WriterNEW YORK — Fox Family Dentistry in Fairfax, Virginia, is facing serious financial issues, according to a company spokesperson.

The dental office has been closed since September, and it is the first time the dental office in the U.S. has been shut down in nearly two decades.

The Fox Family has been operating out of a small office in downtown Fairfax since 2008.

The Fairfax County Dental Association said in a statement that the dentists at the Fox Family were forced to close the office because they did not have enough staff to properly care for patients.

They said the dentistry closed because of a lack of funding, and not because of any type of financial crisis.

Fox Family, the parent company of Fox Sports and Fox Business Network, has been in bankruptcy protection since February, according a filing in federal court in Virginia.

The Associated Press first reported on the dentist shortage at Fox Family.

Fox Family spokesman Mark O’Neill said in an email to The Associated Press that the dental clinic is still in business and that it has “no plans to close.”

Fox Family had $6.9 million in revenue in the third quarter, according the company’s financial statements.

Fox Business Network reported that its total revenue for the quarter was $1.6 billion.

Fox Business also said its total revenues for the year were $7.5 billion.