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‘I don’t think they’re worth the price’ – Di Stefano

By Football Italian staff December 26, 2017 14:34:57The sale of Milan’s youth academy was completed in December 2017 and Di Stefaneo di Stefano was appointed head coach.

However, the Giallorossi have been slow to put their full plans in place.

The club is not even at the top of the Serie A table yet and will be the subject of several investigations and the transfer of players will have to be approved by the Italian FA, according to reports.

“It is an unbelievable day, the sale of the youth academy has gone through, the club is now the most important football club in Italy and the most financially successful,” said Milan President Andrea Agnelli.

“Milan is the only Italian club in the top 20 teams in terms of revenues.

There are many problems in the future of the club, and I think this will be a very good step in the right direction.”

Milan are now only one point above Juventus in the Serie B standings and Di Francesco has been vocal in his criticism of the Italian federation, saying it had failed to act to protect the interests of the young talent.

“We will never forget the poor state of the academy in the Milan City Football Academy and the lack of financial investment in the football club,” he said in a statement.

“This is why the only way to change this is to change the board.

We must change the management of the board and the management has to be a part of the project.”

It is understood that Di Stefana is looking to put the club up for sale in the coming weeks.