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What you need to know about Cornerstone Family Dentistry

By Brian McNeill-LoganDental surgeons across the state are bracing for a big jump in patients this summer as the state prepares to celebrate the holidays with the birth of new dentists.

The state is celebrating the holidays as it celebrates the birth in July of new dental graduates, and as dentists in Colorado’s other six states celebrated Thanksgiving with family.

The birth of the new dentist in Colorado Springs is a big moment for the dental profession, said Dr. James T. Tompkins, chief medical officer for the state Department of Dental and Craniofacial Surgery.

Dental graduates who take residency in Colorado are eligible to take up residency positions in the next five years, Tompkin said.

The state is now welcoming new dental school graduates with a four-year commitment, Tumpkins said.

A few weeks ago, Colorado’s dental board issued a list of some of the best schools and practices for dental school candidates, which included Cornerstone College.

Cornerstone is a Colorado school of dentistry and a leader in the field of clinical education and research in the area of dental technology.

The college’s curriculum includes a blend of modern dental technology and clinical training, Tampos said.

He added that Cornerstone offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the dental field.

The school’s website says the students who are accepted into the program will be working in a variety of clinical settings and will have a chance to study at a variety in the medical fields, including a fellowship in dental surgery.

Cornerstones graduates will also be able to earn dental diplomas in a few years.

The medical school has a long history in Colorado, and the school’s graduates have made a major contribution to the state’s dental care system, Tepos said, adding that Cornerstones graduation will be a big milestone for the Colorado dental profession.

The new dental students will not only have the opportunity to be in the industry, but to work with the students at the community level, Tuckos said in a statement.

He said that the graduates are working in the community and helping out with community programs, such as mentoring the first-year dental students.

This is a huge accomplishment for the medical school and the medical profession as a whole, Topos said of the students.

They are doing something that has not been done in many, many years.

Colorado will be the first state in the nation to celebrate Thanksgiving with a new dentistry graduate.

The new dental grads will be in town for the first Thanksgiving celebration at Cornerstone and will work with dental students to help them make their mark on the community, Tuppers said.

Colorado’s state and local health departments will also announce that a new dental college is in the works in Aurora.

The school is part of the College of Dentistry, which has been in operation since the late 1990s.