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‘Wins smile’ dentistry at Aussie beauty contest

AUSTRALIAN women have won a $500,000 beauty contest in New Zealand for their best smile.

Key points:The $500 million beauty contest has attracted a record-breaking 10,000 entries, with winners being announced at a press conference in Auckland this afternoonThe competition will be held at the Royal New Zealand College of DentistryThe winner will be announced in Auckland on August 19The prize of $500 000 was awarded to the winner of the first round of 10,014 entries that were judged by New Zealand’s National Centre for Excellence in Beauty.

The beauty contest will be run by the National Centre of Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry and the Royal Australian College of Dental Medicine.

The winning entry will be presented to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Auckland today, where she will be officially crowned winner.

She will receive $500k and be given the opportunity to be interviewed for her beauty products at the coronavirus conference.

Auckland University’s Associate Professor of Dentistry, Professor Peter Stott said the winner would be one of the most talented, and the most popular, women in the country.

“There’s a really high demand for cosmetic dentistry, and I think this will give people a chance to get involved,” he said.

“The beauty industry, as a whole, is going through a lot of stress.”

People don’t know what to do with their money, they’re finding it increasingly difficult to buy new teeth.

“A new beauty competition will give New Zealanders a chance for self-expressionA recent survey found that New Zealand had the highest proportion of dentists who reported not feeling good about the dental profession.”

I think we’ve always had a really strong sense of what the dental workforce is doing and what the work that they’re doing is,” Professor Stott told the ABC.”

So the fact that we’re finally getting some visibility into what’s going on is a really good thing.

“New Zealand has a long history of cosmetic dentists, and it has been a success story.

In the 1920s and ’30s, a number of dental schools were established across the country to teach people about dental hygiene.

Dr Peter Dolan, professor of dental medicine at New Zealand Medical University, said it was important for New Zealand to have a thriving dental profession, but that it needed to keep improving.”

It’s really a bit of a sad state of affairs,” he told ABC Radio’s Today.”

New Zealand is doing really well in the world at the moment, but we need to get some new people in the profession.

We’re seeing that people are just finding it hard to get into the profession, and people are looking for a change of scenery.

“Dr Dolan said it wasn’t just the cost of dental care, but also the pressures that dentists face.”

What’s happened in the past 20 or 30 years is people have become more aware of the financial pressures of dentistry and are looking to other areas of their life that they feel can help them with their finances,” he added.”

And this is one of those areas where it’s a bit hard to find the money.

“The winning beauty entry will go on display at the Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Ballroom in Wellington at 5:00pm.

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