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When Will My Son Get The Flu? Here’s What You Need to Know

I got the flu, my son got the virus, and now I’m in the hospital.

I didn’t know that, but I was told by a few people that it was because I was drinking too much beer.

This is what I think about when I get sick.

I was a little concerned about it, but when I got sick, I felt so much better, and then when I went back to work, my work was very much affected.

I just thought, I’m going to get sick and I’ll have to quit my job.

But my wife is a very hard worker and she worked through the night, and it’s just something that happens to the people around you.

And so when my son was diagnosed, it was really hard.

He was still in the ER.

The doctors were telling us that we had to be there for a while.

And I just didn’t want to leave my son there, so I was waiting.

I wasn’t thinking about how long I would be in the ICU, I was just waiting for him to get better and get out of there.

And then I had to take a lot of medication for anxiety and depression and everything else, and I felt very, very helpless and sad.

So I was so happy to have my son out of the hospital, but then I also felt like, what if it wasn’t my son that was sick?

Because I couldn’t even get in touch with him.

And now that I have a son who’s a year older, and we are having this baby and all of the other stuff that I was feeling about my son and his situation, I am really happy to see that I am a little bit stronger now than I was when I first got sick.

And it makes me feel really good to know that my son is safe, that I don’t have to worry about him, and that he’s healthy and that I’m not going to be going through the exact same thing.